Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

This is an “out of the Box” line of questioning, I am aware, and I have no intention to disrespect the dead of any violent action, either those clearly enacted by members of humanity, or those merely “acted” out for benefit of our “entertainment”.

I’ve been online now for a time looking for tweets directly from the July 20 Colorado incident, from people AT THE THEATER. Surely movie goers had cell phones and other silent modes of recording the behavior of the moment, the film itself is targeted at the age group where a supposed 98% have some sort of online social account  — and this is what I find out there in Google Land (A disclaimer: I do not have a Facebook account, but nothing came up in a general search). I would hate to say that I think Big Brother’s Winston would be proud:

I find TWO hazy video clips from outside the theater, after the event, and the one at the door, is not from a person actually inside that theater. That video shows the stumbling, supposedly bloody man later repeatedly reported on in the MSM, and the other just sirens in the dark night. Reported reactions from within the theater come about well AFTER the event, and are delivered in one of very select flavors : a triple act of heroism (three men dying to save their girlfriends), an act of ridiculous cowardice (the “father” who drove away from his “family”). The tweets of the night were mainly from a girl who crazily enough, survived a Toronto mass shooting. The others are constantly regurgitated in different venues. In a constantly re-chewed article, the events are purported to have been “revealed real-time”  by social media, including Twitter, and examined and verified by Reddit, and as quickly as the cops showed up at the theater, we have captured our lone-gunman (a character with no online persona, even though the unemployed grad school dropout supposedly bought $20.000 worth of  techy gear.) All of that news is easily found, without variation, in the mainstream and even the alternative media.

Here’s a sampling, along with an original FBI page, speaking of possible movie theater attacks, which, having since been pointed out, has been deleted:

FBI warning document:!

I’m cracking under the strain of trying to understand the facts before me. At the very least I’m looking for real-time tweets from the incident to back up the story: ya know, something at the very edge of journalistic accomplishment. Three days in, I am having trouble finding any believable empirical evidence directly from the scene. Not that I expected anyone to whip out their I Thingy under fire, but really, the credibility of this modern tella-vision is stretched at this moment. Can anyone help?


via Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged.


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